Custom Orders On Demand.

As one of the premier distributors in the packaging films industry, PennPac understands your market and is uniquely positioned in many ways to support and partner with you, the Packaging Converter. We know you need someone that is reliable and can provide a high quality service to you. We also understand that you want to partner with a company that will support you, not compete with you.

At PennPac, we provide a flexible and scalable way for you to have access to millions of pounds of film inventory, without the cost of capital or warehousing until you need the product. With our extensive slitting capability, we ensure that you have the right web at the right time. Since PennPac does not perform any printing or laminating, you can be assured that we are here to support your efforts as you service the end user.

We stand ready to service your needs through:

  • Inventory: on demand, large or small quantities with exceptional turn around time
  • Material management services
  • Custom webs
  • Contract slitting services
  • Reassurance that you can go “get the job” because PennPac can fill the need