Internal Processes Simplified.

Simply put, logistics are all about lowering your internal total cost to acquire, store, process, and ship your flexible film. At PennPac, we can respond to the unique needs of our customers. We routinely offer complete supply chain management services to both the end user and converter in the flexible film marketplace. We can inventory your materials in our 60,000 square foot facility, slit rolls and ship orders according to your needs and manage your inventories on an ongoing cost effective basis. PennPac provides:

  • Information systems that provide traceability and stock out avoidance.
  • Quality processes and systems that ensure defect free materials.
  • Material management and logistics expertise.
  • Strong supplier Relationships.
  • An experienced and dedicated team of professionals focused on your specific requirements.


If your focus is to lower your total internal costs associated with your flexible film, turn to PennPac. We’ll help ensure your ongoing success as your flexible film supply chain partner.