Message from the President

To our valued business partners,

Looking back over the history of PennPac, I am consistently amazed at the relationships we’ve made and the reliability of service that we have been able to achieve. Throughout our history, we’ve have striven to give the best in personalized service and solutions to the packaging film industry. The strong demand for individualized service and prompt response to our customers has triggered unprecedented growth and an unquenchable demand for both quality products and superior customer service. PennPac has grown with this demand.

In 2005, we built a new 60,000 square foot facility to enable us to commit to being a reputable supplier. In 2007, we added a new 76” high-speed 3-inch core splitter to accommodate additional capacity due to customer demand. This enabled us to do an additional 9 million lbs in slitting capacity. With the demand increasing again beyond our expectations, we welcomed a new 65” converting center, which allowed for an additional 8 million lbs. slitting capacity. 2009 brought with it another 9 million lbs slitting capacity and in 2010, we celebrated the arrival of another 23 million lbs slitting capacity!

We credit our success to our clients. Without the relationships and attributes such as service, trust, reliability, and a “can-do!” attitude, PennPac wouldn’t be what it is today.
This website is designed to supplement our customer service and reflect the attention to detail you have come to expect from us. Please take the time to review our site and let us know what additional information or features you believe you could benefit from.

We’re looking forward to serving you.

Best Regards,

Bill Palmer