Resealable Closure Systems


PennPac and Flexico have combined resources and technical expertise to provide resealable flexible packaging solutions. PennPac works closely with converters, brand owners, material suppliers, and co-packers to successfully develop resealable packaging that optimizes consumer convenience while providing a cost-effective supply for packaging manufacturing.

Through our relationship with an industry leader, Flexico, we are able to provide bag manufactures with assistance in product development, quick service, and the latest technologies for resealable flexible packaging.  Designed for nearly any resealable flexible packaging, we offer closures that make for exceptional resealable flexible packaging and stand up pouches for any market.

Enhancing Brands With Innovative Closure Designs

Protecting children and making life easier with Safegrip® child-resistant closure system.

The ultimate sensory sensation closures with audible and tactile sensory-enhanced features.

The classic closure design to maintain product freshness and easy-to-seal design.

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