Flexible Packaging Services

PennPac's primary objective is to provide customers with a reliable and competitive supply of flexible packaging films. We inventory numerous master rolls with an in-house slitting operation allowing us to deliver film with speed and quality. Our value to customers is being a knowledgeable, competitive, and reliable supplier of flexible packaging films.

An Industry Leader in Slitting and Rewinding 

PennPac specializes in precision slitting and rewinding of flexible films. We custom slit-to-size orders with quick turnaround times to meet customer's specific requirements. Our custom roll stock is developed using the latest polymer innovations so you can be assured that film from PennPac is going to perform flawlessly on our equipment.

State-Of-The-Art Slitters To Handle Any Roll Requirment:

3" & 6" Cores

0.5" - 92" Web Widths

Up to 40" ODs

Razor & Shear

Inventory Management Programs

PennPac works closely with customers to strategically plan, inventory, and process their packaging films on an ongoing, cost-effective basis. Through coordinating inventory levels with customers, PennPac assists in minimizing the inventory commitment at their facility. By having your materials only 1 - 3 days away versus 8 - 10 weeks, you can be assured that your film is always available when you need it!

Why Companies Choose PennPac Inventory Programs:


  • Provides free warehouse storage for larger quantity orders

  • Eliminates inventory holding costs.

  • Competitive terms

  • Receive price breaks on large quantities without the excess holding costs

  • Only invoiced for the amount of material is released.

How it works:


After we determine your film specifications and production requirements, we accept a blanket purchase order for the total amount of inventory. No invoicing occurs until you begin releasing shipments. You pay for the release quantity. We work with you to determine re-order inventory levels so you consistently have access to your materials.


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