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Flexible Packaging Films for Industrial Applications: Cable & Wire Insulation

polyester wire

Most any product that is used in an industrial or manufacturing application has the critical job of maintaining reliable performance under the toughest of conditions. And every component that goes into an industrial product contributes to how well or poorly it performs. That statement also applies to any flexible film that is part of the product design.

Common Conditions Found in Industrial Applications

Films that are used in industrial and manufacturing settings are engineered to perform in a wide range of harsh conditions. Some of the most common include:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • High pressures
  • Strong vibrations
  • Chemical exposure
  • Gas exposure
  • Exposure to heat and humidity

Many of the films that PennPac stocks have the characteristics and technical properties needed for use in a wide range of challenging industrial environments – from agriculture and manufacturing to warehousing, construction, and electrical wire and cable.

We currently work with a number of clients that use our polyester films for cable and wire insulation, among other applications.

Why Choose a Polyester Film for Cable Insulation?

Certain types of flexible film are better suited for a specific application. It comes down to a number of factors, such as:

  • Type of product being packaged
  • Size, shape, and weight of product
  • Shelf life of product
  • How the product will be transported to its final destination
  • Any printing or color requirements

Working with an experienced and reputable flexible packaging film supplier will ultimately help you determine the best film option for your particular needs, but the above factors are a few of the most common to consider.

The Benefits of PET Film for Heat Resistant Wire Insulation

When choosing an electrical insulation film, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is often the optimal choice. Its most recognized benefits include:

  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Good gas and moisture barrier properties
  • Excellent physical and mechanical strength
  • Good thermal stability
  • Solvent/chemical resistance
  • Durability in high temps
  • Strong bonding characteristics
  • Can be easily recycled and used again

PET film is suitable for various applications in the electrical industry. It is often used as wire insulator to protect cable or wire against moisture and debris. And with strong abrasion resistance, it can be extruded in walls to a thinner degree than other materials.

Film can also be used as a jacket insulator over wire or cable to assist the flow of electrical current and limit problematic electrical discharge.

Choose PennPac as Your PET Wire Insulation Supplier

Connect with PennPac to learn more about the benefits of polyester film for cable and wire insulation applications and other industrial and manufacturing applications. Our quality films are available in plain, treated, heat-sealable, metallized, matte, and coated.

You can also download our polyester films spec sheets for PPV, PTC, and PTCS.