Flexible Packaging Films

PennPac offers a comprehensive portfolio of flexible packaging films for a wide variety of market segments. All of our films are FDA approved for direct food contact. Our inventory includes an open stock of master rolls, pre-slit material allocated for stocking programs, as well as narrow web roll stock available for immediate release.

Bi-Axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Film

Bi-Axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) is commonly used for packaging, printing and laminating applications. The main features of BOPP are its excellent barrier properties, great optics, and high tensile strength.


PennPac offers a variety of BOPP film, including but not limited to clear, coated, white, pearlized, matte, and anti-fog.

Metalized (MOPP) Film

Metalized (MOPP) film is often used in barrier packaging applications. MOPP film has exceptional vapor, moisture, and heat barriers.  This material is offered in BOPP and PET substrates and in a wide range of thickness. 

Cast Polypropylene (CPP) Film

Cast film is used for packaging that requires improved optical and high impact properties. This material can be used as an excellent heat seal layer for oriented films.

Polyester (PET) Film

Polyester film (PET) has a wide range of applications but typically is used as a substrate for laminating and extrusion coating. PET has exceptional thermal and dimensional stability. PET is normally used as a laminate for heat sealability. The material is available in clear, matte, and metalized.


Metalized Polyester (MET-PET) Film

Metalized polyester films are great solutions for many applications in the packaging industry. MET-PET films have excellent UV light and barrrier properties that make it a commonly used film in lamination applications for food packaing.


Forming & Non-Forming Films

PennPac offers clear solutions for forming & non-forming film. Forming and non-forming films can be used for a variety of applications including ready meals, proteins, cheeses, and pet food. Available in standard barrier or high barrier.

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