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Specialty Films

PennPac offers a diverse portfolio of specialty films for unique applications in food packaging, labels, and industrial applications. Some specialty films we offer include multi-layer high barrier films, lidding, sheeted, and easy-peel film.

specialty films used for lunch meat

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High Barrier

High Barrier films are often multilayer structures, which may include Nylon and EVOH. Barrier films or often used to keep aromas in, or out. Additionally, they provide an exceptional barrier to oxygen, other gases, and moisture to ensure adequate shelf life. Multi-layer films can be engineered for applications that require mechanical resistance. In general, a combination of several layers of different materials improves the mechanical and physical properties of the film.  To include, puncture, tear and heat resistance as well as the moisture and oxygen barrier properties.

Below, are several applications for High Barrier/Thermoforming films:

1. Food Packaging: Thermoforming film structures are frequently used to package food products such as fresh meats, poultry, cheeses, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. The various barrier and thermoforming films provide protection from contamination, moisture, and oxygen. Ultimately, helping to extend freshness and shelf life of perishable food.

2. Medical Packaging: These films are utilized in medical packaging for items like surgical instruments, medical devices, and pharmaceutical products. Offering a sterile barrier properties, protecting the contents from contamination and ensuring their integrity until use.

3. Consumer Goods Packaging: Such films are employed in packaging various consumer goods, including electronics, toys, and personal care products. They provide protection during transit and display the product attractively on store shelves.

4. Blister Packaging: Thermoforming barrier films are commonly used in blister packaging, where a product is sealed between a thermoformed plastic cavity and a backing card. This type of packaging is often seen in the pharmaceutical industry for pills and tablets.

5. Clamshell Packaging: Barrier films can be used to create clamshell packaging, which consists of two hinged halves that enclose a product. This type of packaging is popular for items like electronics accessories, hardware, and small tools.

6. Industrial Applications: Applications in industrial settings for protective covers, trays, and containers. More so, be customized to meet specific requirements such as chemical resistance, static dissipation, and UV protection.

7.Display Trays and Inserts: Useful for custom trays and inserts for product display and organization. These trays can be designed to securely hold and showcase products in retail environments.


Lidding Film

Lidding film is often a laminated structure made up of foil, paper, polyester, PET, or other metallized and non-metallized materials. Lidding films are sealed to the container via a sealing machine and serves as a protective barrier that keeps the food separate from any potentially harmful substances. Depending on the application, the film can be designed to be easily peeled off or punctured to allow access to the packaged product.

To clarify, these film structures can be customized to meet specific packaging requirements, such as barrier properties, heat resistance, and branding needs. Manufacturers can tailor lidding films to fit various packaging formats and substrates, ensuring compatibility with different types of containers and trays.

Easy Peel Film

Easy Peel film provides a consumer-friendly, peel-off lidding solution while avoiding tearing or shredding. This makes these films perfect for packaging ready-to-eat meals or fresh produce. In addition, its high transparency and anti-fog properties improve product presentation on the shelf. The peelable structures provide an initial break force which allows for a clean, easy peel every time a package is opened. Whether your product is in a thermoformed pocket, rigid cup, tub, or tray – easy peel has a tailored easy peel structure to match any application. The advanced sealing layers are designed to seal through contamination and produce high-quality retail packages.

Sheeted Film

The vast majority of our films have the ability to be supplied in sheets. Sheeted films are widely used in many applications. Common sheeted film uses are; flower bouquets, fresh-made sandwiches, baked goods, box/tray liners, and pallet covers. Frequently, sheeted films are used in conjunction with a pressure sensitive label for branding, nutrition facts, and to seal the unit.