Flexible Films For Converting, Printing, & Packaging

We provide custom slit roll stock and inventory management services for your flexible packaging films. So you know you always have access to your materials.

Service build around your needs

Every customer is unique, and not every customer needs the same services, so our approach is to tailor our services around you.

Maximize your working capital

You should be utilizing your capital for growth, and not tied up in raw material storage. You'll have immediate access to inventory, safety stock, and full-time customer support to ensure you never have to worry about running out of materials.

Transparency, consistency, and efficiency 

We communicate with you so we meet your every need. We can help your production run as efficiently as possible by consistently delivering the same exceptional quality films.


There's A More Flexible Approach To Sourcing

You should not have to be concerned about long delivery times, unexpected price changes, or having to deal with order limitations from your supplier. PennPac eliminates these common pitfalls in the industry. 

How We Work For You


Tell us what your needs and requirements are, and together, we'll identify the products and come up with a supply plan for those products that best fits your production cycle.


We'll send you no-charge samples to trial on your equipment. We understand the inherent worry when considering new vendors, so we want to ensure you're 100% comfortable and confident in our products.


We continue to work with you to evolve our product offering and service to meet your needs. What worked for you today, may not work tomorrow. That is why our approach is to always be prepared and flexible with our customers.

We serve Converters, Brand Owners, Co-Packers, and any Business using flexible packaging films.

Large-production film converting to small-run packaging, PennPac has a solution.

We believe that sourcing flexible packaging films should be simple, and supplied exactly how and when you need it delivered.