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Company History

PennPac is a leading flexible packaging film supplier that services customers in a number of industries – from food & beverage to consumer healthcare.

Bill Palmer is our founder and CEO. He started PennPac in Baltimore, Maryland in 1995 after observing a supply chain gap between film manufacturers and the converter and end-user market.

While manufacturers are strategically aligned to produce and process large quantities of film, converters and end-users rely on just-in-time inventory. By offering a service center equipped with slitting assets and warehouse capacity, PennPac provides customers with timely service and sourcing flexibility.

Just a few years after starting PennPac, Palmer moved the company to Manheim, Pennsylvania, where it still operates in a state-of-the-art facility.

In 2021, PennPac expanded with a new facility in Piedmont, South Carolina.

Together, both facilities offer a complete custom slitting solution with fast delivery and unmatched service.

PennPac’s continued growth comes from our entrepreneurial spirit, continuous reinvestment in the company, and our customer-centric business philosophy.

Learn more about why customers around the country choose PennPac as their preferred plastic film supplier.