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High Barrier Films

Thermoforming Film Solutions

At PennPac, our commitment to delivering excellence is evident in every aspect of our products. With our cutting-edge thermoforming high barrier films and quick turnaround times, you can unlock the full potential of your food processing operation. Ultimately, ensuring superior product protection, extended shelf life, and sustainable packaging solutions.

Contact us today to discover how our high barrier films can revolutionize your thermoform packaging solutions. Let’s collaborate to create a future where food quality, safety, and sustainability go hand in hand.

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Protect your food products with an EVOH core!


PennPac thermoforming packaging film solutions come with the quality, clarity, and protection you expect.

Our multi-layered thermoform films create a barrier minimizing the transmission of oxygen, moisture, and gases. Having a clear glossy appearance, consumers feel confident purchasing freshness.

Key Characteristics and Benefits


Cost -Effectiveness: For many products, specifically high volume or value, thermoformed films are more efficient. Production speeds, waste, and material usage drive costs down.

Flexibility and Customization: Whether it’s protecting a delicate food item or showcasing electronics, thermoforming films can be tailored to many different sizes and shapes. As such, providing the consumer a hands-on inspection of the product prior to purchase.

Barrier Properties: Many thermoforming films offer a multi-layer structure which provide advanced protection from moisture, oxygen, light, and other unwanted elements. With this level of protection, perishables for example, can maintain longer shelf life and freshness.

Sustainability and Recycling: With precise material thickness control and composition, manufacturers are opting for thermoforming solutions. As with many flexible packaging films, often already containing a level of recycled content.

Transparency: High quality cast thermoforming films maintain favorable transparency with a clear gloss to provide a clear demonstration of quality.

Puncture Resistance: With multiple layers, including Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon, etc., high barrier thermoforming films offer security from puncture and abrasion damage.


High-Barrier films deliver the ultimate performance for food and beverage products – they provide excellent packaging shelf life while also preserving the taste and quality of the product.

What’s inside PennPac Thermoforming Films?

PennPac’s forming and non-forming High-Barrier food films are multilayer structures that include EVOH (ethylene-vinyl alcohol). EVOH is a flexible, crystal clear, glossy thermoplastic copolymer that’s known for having some of the best barrier resistance to gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. This makes it ideal for packaging protein products such as fresh meats and improving shelf life.

In addition to their protective qualities, high-barrier packaging films offer excellent clarity which allows consumers to see the product inside easily. They are also customizable with different colors, designs, and logos – great for branding purposes.

Common food applications that use high barrier forming/non-forming films require various, yet precise measurements. PennPac carries an open inventory of quality high-barrier films and we have the ability to quickly custom slit rolls to exactly what the application requires. We also help our customers with their high barrier forming/non-forming needs by offering inventory stocking programs so their films are readily available any time.

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