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PennPac Company

PennPac began in 1995 as a service-oriented distributor of flexible packaging films for Converters, Printers, and Brand Owner packaging. As an independent company, PennPac quickly positioned itself as valuable and competitive source of flexible packaging films.

The continued growth of PennPac has come for an entrepreneurial spirit of seizing on opportunity and a determination to constantly meet the needs of the customer. For over twenty years, PennPac has maintained a fundamental set of principles. We listen to our customers, we have learned from those customers, and we have never stopped re-investing in our company and people to meet new challenges in the flexible packaging industry.

Today, PennPac’s mission is to continuously provide value to customers through customized solutions for their supply of flexible packaging films. Our broad offering of products and commitment to service, PennPac is the preferred source for flexible packaging materials.