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Elevate Your Printing Game with Custom Slit Films

As a printing professional, you understand the importance of delivering exceptional print quality and brand impact to your clients. In the world of packaging, custom slitting combined with printed films offers an innovative solution to enhance your printing capabilities. In this blog post, we will explore how custom slitting can elevate your printing game, enabling you to produce stunning branded packaging materials. Let’s delve into the world of precision slitting and its impact on the printing industry.




Precision Slitting for Enhanced Printing Results


At our state-of-the-art facilities in Manheim, PA, and Piedmont, SC, we specialize in providing custom slitting services tailored specifically for printers like you. Our slitting process ensures precise and consistent widths, allowing you to create printing masterpieces on custom fitted films. Our expertise lies in preparing films for printing by achieving the optimal web width for your specific requirements.


Flexible Capabilities to Suit Your Printing Needs


With a diverse range of printing projects, you require flexibility and adaptability in your materials. Our custom slitting services offer the flexibility you need, with web widths ranging from 1″ to an impressive 92″. Whether you’re printing narrow labels or wide-format designs, our slitting capabilities can accommodate your needs, ensuring your printed films fit seamlessly onto your packaging.


Our slitting process can handle material thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 10 mils, allowing you to work with various film types. From BOPP to Polyester, Metallized to High Barrier, and Cast PP, we have the expertise to deliver precisely slit films that meet your highest quality standards. By leveraging advanced slitting technology, we guarantee the consistency and accuracy required for superior printing results.


Streamlined Workflow and Quick Turnaround


We understand that as a printer, time is of the essence. That’s why we have optimized our workflow to offer quick turnaround times for your projects. Whether you choose to participate in our Inventory Stocking Program, benefiting from next-day material availability, or require materials within two weeks for non-participants, our dedicated team ensures that your slitted films are delivered promptly. This streamlined process enables you to meet your client’s deadlines with confidence and efficiency.


Contract Slitting for Maximum Flexibility


In addition to custom slitting services for materials we supply, we also offer contract slitting, allowing you to provide your own materials. This option empowers you with maximum flexibility and control over your printing process. Simply deliver your materials to us, and our experienced team will ensure accurate and consistent slitting, guaranteeing that your prints align flawlessly with the films.


Quality Assurance and Compliance


We understand that print quality and safety go hand in hand. Rest assured, our Manheim location is SQF certified, and both locations are AIB certified, meeting the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Furthermore, our films meet or exceed FDA food safety requirements, ensuring their suitability for packaging used in the food and beverage industry. By partnering with us, you can assure your clients that their packaging meets the strictest quality and safety standards.


Take Your Printing to New Heights with Custom Slitting


With our custom slitting and films, you can take your printing game to new heights. Enhance your brand impact and impress your clients with perfectly tailored packaging solutions. Experience the flexibility, efficiency, and quality that custom slitting offers, empowering you to create remarkable printed materials.


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To unlock the full potential of custom slitting for your printing projects, reach out to us today. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal options and guiding you through the process. Elevate your printing capabilities with PennPac for unparalleled results.