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Polyester Juice Pack

Exploring the Versatility of Polyester Film in Flexible Packaging

In the dynamic world of packaging, innovation drives success. One such innovation that has transformed the industry is the use of polyester film, a versatile and high-performance material, in flexible packaging solutions. Polyester film, often referred to as PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), has redefined packaging by offering exceptional properties that cater to the demands of modern … Continued

Slitting Safety: Best Practices for a Secure Slitting Environment

In the world of flexible packaging, ensuring product integrity, quality, and safety is paramount. The slitting process, which involves cutting wide rolls of packaging film into narrower rolls, plays a crucial role in meeting these requirements. However, slitting can also pose certain risks if not executed with precision and adherence to safety protocols. In this … Continued

Unveiling the Science: How Film Properties Impact Performance

In the world of modern packaging, flexible packaging film has taken center stage due to its versatility and cost-effective nature. As businesses strive to create eye-catching and functional packaging solutions, understanding the intricate science behind film properties becomes essential. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of flexible packaging film, exploring the key … Continued

The Key Differences Between BOPP and Polyester Film

When it comes to packaging solutions, choosing the right film material is crucial for ensuring product quality, durability, and visual appeal. Among the various options available, two popular choices are Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and Polyester (PET) films. Both materials offer excellent packaging properties, but understanding their differences can help you make an informed decision … Continued

Ensuring Quality Every Step of the Way: PennPac’s Manheim Location Recertified for SQF Level 2 in Manufacture of Food Packaging

In the highly competitive food packaging industry, ensuring product quality and safety is of paramount importance. Here at PennPac, we are a leading provider of flexible packaging film, and we understand the significance of maintaining rigorous quality standards. Recently, our Manheim location achieved recertification for SQF Level 2, Manufacture of Food Packaging, with an impressive … Continued

Elevate Your Printing Game with Custom Slit Films

As a printing professional, you understand the importance of delivering exceptional print quality and brand impact to your clients. In the world of packaging, custom slitting combined with printed films offers an innovative solution to enhance your printing capabilities. In this blog post, we will explore how custom slitting can elevate your printing game, enabling … Continued

How Health and Beauty Industries are Embracing the Potential of Flexible Packaging Films

In the ever-evolving world of packaging, flexibility is the name of the game. As consumer preferences shift and market demands change, industries are constantly seeking innovative solutions to stay ahead. The health and beauty industry, in particular, has embraced the versatility and functionality of flexible packaging films to enhance their products’ packaging and promotion. From … Continued


Is Contract Film Slitting Right for Your Business?

For many converters, printers, and brand owners, outsourcing their film-slitting operations makes good sense for a number of reasons. They not only avoid the costs that come with investing in specialty equipment, but they also free up space at their facility that would otherwise be needed for film storage and slitting operations. They also avoid … Continued

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7 Reasons to Work with an Expert Flexible Packaging Film Supplier

There are converters, printers, and end-users in the flexible packaging film industry that prefer to manage just-in-time inventory or spot buys. However, this approach can be limited and pose significant challenges. Working with an experienced packaging film supplier that has a service-oriented business model with expanded capabilities – such as film slitting, film sheeting, and … Continued