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7 Reasons to Work with an Expert Flexible Packaging Film Supplier

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There are converters, printers, and end-users in the flexible packaging film industry that prefer to manage just-in-time inventory or spot buys. However, this approach can be limited and pose significant challenges.

Working with an experienced packaging film supplier that has a service-oriented business model with expanded capabilities – such as film slitting, film sheeting, and inventory management – can offer many benefits.

Below are 7 reasons why it pays to work with an expert packaging film supplier.

#1 – Material & Inventory

A reputable flexible packaging film supplier will offer a wide range of films such as BOPP, Polyester, Cast PP, Metallized, and also specialty films such as forming/non-forming, lidding, easy peel, and sheeted. This gives customers a wider selection to choose from. And when you partner with a knowledgeable film supplier, you can also leverage their expertise to ensure you’re getting the best film for your application.

The films that a supplier offers are also typically available in higher volume, making readily available inventory another big advantage. Inventory availability is particularly helpful when project scope increases, and more film is needed.

At PennPac we have over 5 million pounds of flexible packaging films including treated, heat-sealable, metallized, and coated polyester – all available in different thicknesses, widths, and properties (both rolls and sheets).

Some suppliers such as PennPac also offer inventory stocking programs, which helps customers who have their own inventory but want help storing and managing it. This is another type of service that can be very valuable. PennPac’s service offers next-day order releases for their inventory stocking program customers.

#2 – Capabilities

Flexible film suppliers not only have deep technical knowledge about film materials and their properties but many also have capabilities beyond just supplying film.

They can recommend a specific film tailored to your packaging design, printing needs, and application requirements. Others, such as PennPac, also offer other competencies such as slitting, rewinding, and warehousing of materials. Printers and laminators can even send us their WIP to convert to finished goods, warehouse, and ship direct to their customers.

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#3 – Quality & Certifications

Converters, printers, and end-users want to ensure they’re getting a quality film product. When they work with a reputable film supplier, they can rest easy knowing their materials are from vetted manufacturers.

At PennPac, for example, we’ve implemented a supplier approval program that assesses our film suppliers annually. The program includes obtaining documents such as Letters of Guarantee, Regulatory Statements, and updated specifications that ensure the quality of incoming products to our facilities.

Quality standards as well as certain industry certifications are particularly important for flexible film packaging used in foods. So having a supplier that prioritizes food safety and follows strict food safety practices is critical.

Both PennPac locations are certified by AIB International, Inc. which is a global leader in food safety training and certification. We also hold an SQF Institute (Safe Quality Food) Certification, which is recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) as one of the highest standards in food safety.

#4 – Speed

With large amounts of film in inventory, a packaging film supplier can more easily provide customers with timely service.

Customers of PennPac’s inventory stocking program receive next-day releases. And lead time for custom slit orders is two weeks or less.

#5 – Reliable Supply Chain

Supply chain reliability is another big advantage of partnering with a packaging film supplier.

If an unplanned emergency arises, suppliers are readily equipped for scalability and fast response – from inventory management and order processing to timely shipping and reliable customer service. They have the critical resources on hand to efficiently resolve unexpected challenges for their customers.

#6 – Cost Savings

Flexible film suppliers have the expertise to help customers find the most cost-effective film for their application. By suggesting an alternative material or packaging design, costs can be reduced without sacrificing product quality and performance.

#7 – Ongoing Commitment to Customers

Any leading supplier of flexible films is committed to continuous improvement for the benefit of their customers. Their efforts could range from ongoing employee training to investing in the most advanced technologies for their facility.

In 2021, PennPac expanded operations with a new state-of-the-art facility in Piedmont, South Carolina. This additional capacity has added to the competitive pricing and program flexibility we can offer to customers.

And so far in 2023, PennPac has invested in two new 6” core slitter rewinder machines, and we’ve announced the commissioning of our new, custom designed 6” core duplex slitter rewinder that will expand service to the label and narrow web markets.

We also recently announced our newest product line consisting of High Barrier (HB) packaging films.

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