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Ensuring Quality Every Step of the Way: PennPac’s Manheim Location Recertified for SQF Level 2 in Manufacture of Food Packaging

In the highly competitive food packaging industry, ensuring product quality and safety is of paramount importance. Here at PennPac, we are a leading provider of flexible packaging film, and we understand the significance of maintaining rigorous quality standards. Recently, our Manheim location achieved recertification for SQF Level 2, Manufacture of Food Packaging, with an impressive score of 95/100. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and our Quality Manager, Eric Roth, played a pivotal role in upholding these high-quality standards.



Supplier Approval Program:


To guarantee the delivery of top-notch packaging film, we have implemented a stringent supplier approval program. This program ensures that only high-quality materials are received from trusted partners. Annual assessments are conducted, requiring suppliers to provide recent Letters of Guarantee, Regulatory Statements, and updated specifications. These measures serve as safeguards to maintain the quality of incoming film to our facilities. By diligently vetting our partners and continually monitoring their performance, we ensure that our packaging films meet the highest industry standards.


AIB Certification:


Both the Manheim, PA, and Piedmont, SC, locations have obtained certification from AIB International, a renowned leader in food safety training and certification. This certification adds an extra layer of credibility to our commitment to quality. AIB certification acknowledges the implementation of rigorous food safety practices, further enhancing the trust customers place in our packaging film.


HACCP: The Backbone of Quality:


Our quality protocols are firmly rooted in the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system, a globally recognized method used to identify and manage food-safety related risks. By integrating HACCP principles into our manufacturing processes, we proactively identify potential hazards and implement control measures to mitigate risks. This systematic approach ensures that every step of the production process is carefully monitored, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of the final food packaging products.


The Importance of Certification in the Food Packaging Industry:


Certifications such as SQF Level 2 and AIB serve as crucial benchmarks for quality and safety in the food packaging industry. These certifications not only demonstrate a company’s commitment to excellence but also provide customers with the assurance that their packaging products meet the highest standards. In an industry where the consequences of compromised quality can be severe, certifications offer a competitive advantage by instilling confidence in both customers and regulatory bodies.


Customer Confidence and Satisfaction:


Achieving and maintaining certifications like SQF Level 2 showcases our dedication to delivering exceptional packaging products and services. Customers can trust that our food packaging solutions are manufactured under strict quality guidelines, ensuring the safety of the packaged food items. This instills confidence in customers, leading to long-lasting relationships built on trust and satisfaction.


Continuous Improvement:


Certifications are not one-time achievements; they require ongoing dedication to quality. At PennPac, we understand this and strive for continuous improvement in our quality processes. By regularly reviewing and refining our procedures, we ensure that our packaging films consistently meet or exceed industry standards. Eric Roth, our Quality Manager, plays a pivotal role in driving these improvements and maintaining the high-quality standards that we are known for.


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