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Is Contract Film Slitting Right for Your Business?


For many converters, printers, and brand owners, outsourcing their film-slitting operations makes good sense for a number of reasons.

They not only avoid the costs that come with investing in specialty equipment, but they also free up space at their facility that would otherwise be needed for film storage and slitting operations.

They also avoid the risk of production backlogs and avoid the need to have additional workforce on hand.

Last but definitely not least, by using a third-party resource for their flexible film slitting needs, they’re leaving this specialized secondary operation to an expert that can better ensure quality work with faster turnaround time.

What is Film Slitting?

custom slit rewind rolls

Contract slitting, also known as film slitting, roll slitting, and toll slitting, is the process of cutting large rolls of film into smaller rolls with varying diameters, widths, and material thicknesses.

The most common type of slitting method in the flexible film market is rewind slitting. As the film is unrolled, it enters a machine that runs the film through a slitting operation using knives. The process then rewinds the film into different sized rolls that are based on customer specifications.

At PennPac, we offer film slitting services for all of our flexible packaging films including BOPP, Polyester, Cast PP, Metallized, and even specialty products like high barrier film, which is used in many food packaging solutions because of its exceptional moisture and oxygen barrier properties.

We recently commissioned a new, custom 6” core duplex slitter rewinder that gives us the capability to manage practically any project with the toll-slitting industry – from endless web width and roll diameter combinations to printed and clear materials across all our film types.

This brings our state-of-the-art slitter/rewinder count to 14 at our PA and SC facilities, and we have additional equipment investments planned for later this year.

Top Benefits of Plastic Film Slitting Services from PennPac

PennPac provides expert flexible film slitting for a number of industries including food & beverage, healthcare, beauty & personal care, industrial, as well as fulfillment. Here are the top benefits of partnering with us for your contract film slitting:

Quality. Our slitting assets feature advanced BST CLS Pro 600 edge guiding and line registration equipment which delivers high quality and accuracy. Our facility and machine redundancy also provides consistency of finished product, and we offer lot control and traceability for all of our customers’ incoming and outgoing materials.

Flexibility. PennPac can slit 1-1/2” to 91” web and up to 40” OD, both 3” and 6” cores. We also can accommodate both small and large quantities to accommodate a variety of slitting programs. We can adjust or change roll unwind direction number for printed films, and we can operate within a customer’s ERP/MRP software platform to manage their production and inventory.

Speed. We ship direct to customers upon completion of their film slitting job and offer industry-leading delivery times of 2 weeks or less. For our Inventory Stocking Program customers, we offer next-day order releases.

“I couldn’t ask for a better film-distributing company to supply our polypropylene and polyester needs. Customer Service is always covered if Heather is not available. It’s always a pleasure speaking with everyone at PennPac and the lead time is much better than our distributors.”

-PennPac Toll Slitting Customer

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