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PennPac Paper – Go Beyond Traditional

Embrace the Strength and Durability


  • Water Resistant
  • Tear Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • High Impact Strength
  • Recyclable


What is PennPac Paper?

PennPac Paper is a synthetic material with high opacity, made from Post Industrial Recycled (PIR) polymer content. Over 70% of its framework is derived from recycled Polypropylene extrusion waste. Of which never leaves the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) manufacturing facility. The balance of its composition, containing additives to give it the color attributes and performance of paper.

Overall, Sustainability at its best! This process allows the virgin extrusion waste to be diverted away from the landfill with a new purpose.

What can PennPac Paper be used for?

PennPac Paper may be used in many applications where a robust print medium is needed as an alternative to traditional paper. For example, children’s books, medication bottle labels, magazines, restaurant menus or placemats, government documents, nautical charts, posters, admission bracelets, medical, etc.

All of which may come in contact with water and/or humid environments where standard paper may curl or disintegrate. In some applications, a synthetic paper material can even withstand sterilization to be used in medical environments.


Some bottled or canned liquids, powders, or gels may contain chemicals that could deface traditional product labeling. The chemical resistance of a synthetic material like PennPac Paper could be of great use in automotive, construction, or other industrial settings.

Consumer Packaging

PennPac Paper product can be used in; Food and Consumer Healthcare sector as blister packaging backing, corrugated box liners, POS/POP promotional materials, and it can be laminated to for food packaging applications. Specifically, reverse print on PennPac’s 70g BOPP film and create a new look for your product with the ability to promote sustainability. The list goes on!


Brand owners across all industries expend numerous resources and financial support each year for – SECURITY. A robust synthetic paper offers a label stock solution offering tamper-resistant security to prevent theft and/or intellectual property rights alterations.

With tear-resistant properties, PennPac Paper can be used in RFID applications to track and trace product location. The synthetic material can be embedded with security chips or other features allowing for theft deterrence, or to authenticate high value items.  Generally, prone to reproduction or imitation.

Practical Use

This innovative synthetic polypropylene-based material can be printed on with a color laser printer. Furthermore, can be written on with marker, ball-point pen, etc.! Using your trusty pencil, you can even jot down ideas and sketches, and erase just like traditional paper.

Whether in the home or office, or in a high output manufacturing facility, PennPac’s synthetic paper solution is a great choice.

Contact PennPac today to discuss your needs for a synthetic paper roll stock! We can supply custom web widths on either a 3” or a 6” core to satisfy most digital, screen, offset, or flexographic printing presses.

Join us as we continue to embrace the future of packaging with new and exciting products.