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A Look at SQF Certification and Its Importance

PennPac’s commitment to quality is one of the biggest reasons we’ve been able to maintain our position as a leading flexible packaging film supplier for over 25 years. From our products and services to our team of employees, quality and continuous improvement are vital parts of everything we do.

One example of our continuous improvement efforts includes our recent SQF (Safe Quality Food) certification.

What is SQF Certification?

SQF certification is an internationally recognized standard designed and administered by the SQF Institute. This rigorous certification ensures that a supplier’s food safety and quality management system complies with both international and domestic food safety regulations.

When working with a SQF certified supplier, retailers, brand owners, and food service providers know their products have been processed and packaged to the highest possible standards across all levels of the supply chain – and meet all necessary industry and regulatory requirements.

The SQF program is recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) – a network of organizations that set the standards for food safety benchmarks and drive continuous improvement across the industry. The Initiative was established in 2000 to help address global food safety crises, and the coalition has been overseeing standards and raising the bar to ensure safe food for people around the world ever since.

SQF Level 2 Certification

PennPac recently achieved an SQF level 2 certification for our Manheim, PA facility. This SQF quality certification, also known as the Certified HACCP-Based Food Safety Plan, reflects more rigorous standards and benchmarks than an entry-level certification.

For a level 2 certification, PennPac is required to record a safety risk assessment of our products and processes using the HACCP method. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, a globally recognized system that identifies and controls food safety hazard within the food industry.

In addition to incorporating the HACCP method, suppliers with level 2 status must have plans in place that eliminate, prevent, or reduce food safety hazards.

The Value of Certification

SQF certification is important for both customers and suppliers for many reasons.

Many customers – especially those who are SQF certified themselves – require that their suppliers are certified. It ensures that all parties are effectively managing the risks associated with food safety.

SQF certification is a standard that is recognized around the world. It complies with all necessary regulatory requirements, regardless of where a company or supplier is located.

Also, regulations related to food safety are constantly evolving. Working with an SQF certified supplier gives peace of mind that you’ll continue to meet new requirements as they are announced and implemented.

Achieving the SQF Packaging Standard

Achieving SQF certification is a stringent and time-intensive process that ensures an organization is committed to producing safe food or food-related products that meet a high standard. PennPac’s SQF food safety certification ensures that all our packaging standards and processes meet the necessary requirements for food safety.

Beyond SQF

While our SQF quality certification is certainly one of our most important quality standards, it is not the only one. PennPac has many other programs and processes in place that support our quality and food safety systems and ensure we meet or exceed industry standards daily.

Both our Manheim, PA and Piedmont, SC warehousing and slitting facilities are certified by AIB International, a global leader in food safety training and certification. And under the guidance of our Quality Assurance Manager, our employees are educated on all aspects of food safety and quality. And last but not least, our organization is committed to reducing our environmental impact through a variety of energy-saving programs and recycling practices. Read more about PennPac’s focus on quality and safety.

Need an SQF Certified Partner?

If your organization is looking for an SQF certified partner, contact the PennPac team today. See why customers around the country and across many industries trust our certified solutions for their supply of flexible packaging films.