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Need to Package, Label, or Laminate? Use Versatile BOPP Film

BOPP film, or Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film, is one of the most popular flexible packaging films available. Its unique properties make BOPP a smart alternative to cellophane, and it is typically used as an overwrap film to package a wide range of products.

BOPP packaging film is produced by stretching the material in two different directions, both machine and traverse, during the manufacturing process. Fun fact: that’s where BOPP gets its technical name (biaxially oriented). This two-way process results in excellent mechanical properties which increase the film’s toughness and clarity.

PennPac’s BOPP films are produced with sustainability in mind and are high-performance and holistically cost-effective. We offer many different types of the film (more on that below).

Why Use BOPP Film?

There are many reasons why BOPP is one of the most in-demand films in the world. Let’s look at some of its most desirable characteristics.

Durable & Flexible

The durability and flexibility of BOPP film make it resistant to punctures and cracks, even when environmental or temperature changes happen.

Resistant to Oil, Grease, and Chemicals

BOPP packaging film offers resistance to many types of materials like oil, grease, and chemicals such as solvents and disinfectants. This makes the film popular for use in kitchen and bath products, as well as drug and cosmetic items.

Moisture Resistance

BOPP also has enhanced barrier properties to water vapor and oxygen. Some BOPP films are UV resistant, so colors won’t fade in sunlight.

Recyclable and Eco-Friendly

As a recyclable material, BOPP packaging film is manufactured without harmless environmental effects – free of toxic emissions and hazardous waste.

Excellent Clarity

Many BOPP films have excellent clarity, which can make it a top choice for products such as see-through labels. Besides clear BOPP film, other films such as solid white or matte, are also commonly used for pressure-sensitive labels.


The flexibility, thinness, and light weight of BOPP film make it easy to wrap directly around products or around the product packaging.


Certain BOPP films are safe to use on food and other types of food and beverage packaging.

Great Aesthetics

With excellent gloss and transparency, BOPP is capable of delivering a high-end look on practically any product. Films are available in solid color, matte, glossy, and even metallized.

Markets & Applications for BOPP

With so many types and unmatched benefits, it’s no wonder BOPP packaging film is such a popular film. A wide range of industries rely on its versatility and high performance for endless application uses.

The food and beverage industry commonly uses BOPP to seal food products or other types of food packaging. PennPac’s BOPP films are used in a variety of modern flexible food packaging applications including baked goods, snack foods, confections, frozen foods, and pet foods and treats, among others. All our films are designed for direct food contact and meet/exceed FDA regulatory requirements. Our Manheim, PA location has earned SQF (Safe Quality Food) Certification, which is among the highest standards in food safety.

The healthcare and medical markets have also found many uses for BOPP film. Some common applications include medicine labels, packaging for pharmaceuticals or surgical instruments, bed or surgical trays, hospital equipment, and even work surfaces.

From baby and bath items to cosmetics and supplements, the beauty and personal care market is packed with products that leverage the flexibility of BOPP for their flexible packaging solutions. These types of products often need packaging that checks off many must-haves – an aesthetically pleasing look, durability, ease of opening, and resistance to water and moisture.

Most manufacturing and industrial products have to stand up to tough conditions and extreme elements, whether it’s heat, chemical, or pressure. That’s why BOPP is a common flexible packaging solution for this market as well. From packaging for shipping needs to packaging for material transport within a manufacturing plant, BOPP films can ensure that product safely gets where it needs to be.

BOPP film rolls

Learn More About PennPac BOPP Films

Contact PennPac today to learn more about making us your BOPP film supplier. We offer:

  • Transparent
  • Heat Sealable
  • Corona Treat
  • Flame Treat (High Energy)
  • High Slip
  • White Cavitated
  • Solid White
  • Matte
  • Metallized

You can also download our spec sheets for BOPP film technical specifications.