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Quality & Performance


At all PennPac facilities, Product Safety and Film Quality begins with the approach. Consistent enforcement of purpose, culture, and policy yields favorable results. Therefore, complying with consumer health objectives. PennPac encourages open and honest communication which provides a friendly and enjoyable experience for both internal, and external customers.


To achieve our desired outcome, PennPac invests in the strength and commitment of its people. Employee engagement is the foundation of maintaining a solid quality culture. As a result, allowing for reliability in the ever-changing flexible packaging industry. With effective front-line leadership working alongside a skilled, quality conscious, and vested employee base, end users and converters can feel secure with PennPac.


Quality, can be defined in diverse variations based on industry application. However, there is one commonality – Consistent and effective quality equals little to no waste. Waste comes in many forms and is not just in material. Examples of waste may be avoidable overtime, rework, excess motion, employee retention, defects, and many more.


Speaking of material, did you know that PennPac facilities generate less than 2% film waste annually on millions of pounds slit? With tremendous focus on continuous operational improvement, compliance, and education, PennPac effortlessly provides reliable cycle times to feed the packaging supply chain, while concurrently honing on sustainability efforts.


As a true family-owned and operated business, PennPac embraces its evolution from a single slitter operation to a multi-facility force in the film industry. PennPac headquarters in PA, holds a SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 2 certification which is recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). Our second Service Center, located in SC, holds an AIB International (American Institute of Baking) certification. Both of which, prove our dedication as a reliable provider of flexible packaging solutions.

Throughout the decades, constant re-investment in technology and equipment has helped popularize PennPac’s quality and reliability. Operating with a balanced combination of state-of-the-art slitting equipment and teamwork, customers of all sizes experience first-hand, the reliability and ease of conducting business with PennPac.


When your next flexible packaging film opportunity arises, consider PennPac for custom slit or toll/contract slitting solutions. From wide-web film converting to small-run packaging operations, PennPac will develop a custom solution to fulfil your requirements with the QUALITY AND RELIABILITY you’d expect from a reputable organization.