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Quality & Performance

PENNPAC & PRODUCT SAFETY At all PennPac facilities, Product Safety and Film Quality begins with the approach. Consistent enforcement of purpose, culture, and policy yields favorable results. Therefore, complying with consumer health objectives. PennPac encourages open and honest communication which provides a friendly and enjoyable experience for both internal, and external customers. EMPLOYEE SUPPORT To … Continued

Stand-Up Pouches: 101

Stand-Up Pouches – 101 Continuing to expand in popularity, flexible stand-up pouches are steadily evolving in all areas of consumable product markets (dry goods, liquids, powders, etc.). Having a strong foothold in the food industry, pouches are becoming a new retail standard. With high demand for packaged food products these days, pouches have aided in … Continued

PennPac Paper – Go Beyond Traditional

Embrace the Strength and Durability   Water Resistant Tear Resistant Chemical Resistant High Impact Strength Recyclable   What is PennPac Paper? PennPac Paper is a synthetic material with high opacity, made from Post Industrial Recycled (PIR) polymer content. Over 70% of its framework is derived from recycled Polypropylene extrusion waste. Of which never leaves the … Continued