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Is Contract Film Slitting Right for Your Business?

For many converters, printers, and brand owners, outsourcing their film-slitting operations makes good sense for a number of reasons. They not only avoid the costs that come with investing in specialty equipment, but they also free up space at their facility that would otherwise be needed for film storage and slitting operations. They also avoid … Continued


Why Quality Matters: An Inside Look at PennPac’s Quality Assurance Standards

High-quality flexible packaging films have a critical role in the supply chain for many varied industries including food and beverage, healthcare, cosmetics, the list goes on. And there are a number of influencing factors that are currently driving growth in the flexible film market: Increased consumer demand for packaged food solutions, including single-serve items and … Continued

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7 Reasons to Work with an Expert Flexible Packaging Film Supplier

There are converters, printers, and end-users in the flexible packaging film industry that prefer to manage just-in-time inventory or spot buys. However, this approach can be limited and pose significant challenges. Working with an experienced packaging film supplier that has a service-oriented business model with expanded capabilities – such as film slitting, film sheeting, and … Continued

Need a Flexible Packaging Calculation? Try our New Online Tools!

PennPac has developed a free library of calculators and converters to determine the amount of flexible packaging film you’ll need for your next project. This new resource provides a number of helpful online tools, including a roll OD calculator, metric-to-standard converter, and more: Conversions: Thickness Yield Seal Strength Tensile Strength Oxygen Transmission Rate Water Vapor … Continued

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Flexible Packaging Films for Industrial Applications: Cable & Wire Insulation

Most any product that is used in an industrial or manufacturing application has the critical job of maintaining reliable performance under the toughest of conditions. And every component that goes into an industrial product contributes to how well or poorly it performs. That statement also applies to any flexible film that is part of the product design.

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What is Smart Packaging and How Does it Benefit the Flexible Film Industry?

There is a lot of talk today about smart packaging, and there are many different names for technological innovation that are quickly changing the face of flexible film packaging. Throughout the industry, you’ll hear smart packaging, also referred to as active packaging, intelligent packaging, connective packaging, and interactive packaging. Do they all mean the same … Continued

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Investing in Our Future

One of the biggest reasons why customers trust PennPac for their supply of flexible packaging films is our focus on quality and continuous improvement. By investing in our internal resources – from our employees to our production capabilities – we are always improving for the good of our customers and our organization. One significant investment … Continued

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High Barrier Films for the Flexible Packaging Market

In our last blog post of 2022, we touched on how food and beverage consumption has increased in the U.S. and sparked growth in the packaging films market. One category of flexible thermoforming films in particular has reaped the benefits of this growth – high barrier food films. Barrier film is a key component of … Continued